Ambient Air Cleaners

Ambient Air Cleaners Woodworking

Industrial Air Cleaners are packaged air filtration systems that are designed to eliminate dust, smoke and other airborne pollutants with a high efficiency filtration system. The Air Cleaners excel at welding fume extraction, dust collection, wet oil mist filtration, nuisance dusts, airborne mist and vapors. The ambient filter units have a two stage filtration system; MERV 7 pleated pre-filters and MERV 15 multi-pocket bag filters. Optional filters include filter saver pads, spark baffles, HEPA filters and carbon modules to handle any air purification application.

The unit’s modular construction allows for unlimited configuration versatilities. Units can be stacked in vertical, horizontal, or quad configurations as part of a complete ambient air filtration design. Assemblies can be field modified and upgraded to meet your changing application demands. 


  • Cost-effective energy efficient units
  • Modular design, multiple configurations
  • Quick Installation, no ductwork required


  • Powder coated steel
  • Quiet, typically less than 65 dba
  • Chain hung or wall mounted
Ambient Air Cleaners
Ambient Air Cleaners Installation