• Donaldson Air Flow Controller: Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)Systems that determine the motor drive frequency based upon set known points in the system
  • Nederman / Danatherm: Programmable Logic Center (PLC) System combined with aVFDthat senses machine startup and then opens air flow gate valves in the ductwork system when air is required and closes these gate valves when air is not required.
  • Black Hawk Energy: Power House System that harnesses lost energy within capacitors to reduce electricity costs

Why Fan Energy Control?

  • Energy Savings by Providing Exhaust on Demand
  • Energy Savings by Storing Lost Energy within Capacitors
  • Add Capacity to Existing Systems without Purchasing a New Air Purification piece of Equipment
  • Reduce Heated and Air Conditioning costs due to less CFM Exhaust
  • Reduce Noise dBA from Fans
  • Extend Filter Life for Filtered Collectors
  • Reduce Negative Pressure in your Building
  • Extend Life Cycle of Equipment (Bearings, Shafts, Motor, Belts, etc.), which can lengthen intervals between scheduled preventive maintenance
  • EPA Emissions Inventory will be Reduced, along with potentialPermit Savings

Systems are:

  • UL Listed and cUL Listed
  • Recommended for new or existing equipment
  • Available for ducted or ambient systems
  • Monitor Power Consumption / Analytics
  • Automated which Eliminates the need for Employee Interaction
  • ReducesFilter Cleaning for Self Cleaning Dust Collectors

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