Fire / Emergency Exhaust

Typical Benefits:

  • Employee Health
  • Cleaner Workplace

Nederman Products :

  • MagnaTrack (ElectroMagnet or MagnaGreen Sheer Assist)
  • MagnaRail (ElectroMagnet or MagnaGreen Sheer Assist)
  • MagnaStack
  • Vertical Stack Hose Balancer Systems

Nederman Advantages:

  • ElectroMagnet attaches to the vehicle and not the tailpipe
  • Fastest exit speed on the market
  • The most ergonomic way to attach the nozzle
  • Smooth release eliminates swinging hoses
  • Vertical Hose without loops, taking up less walkway
  • Nozzle allows cooled air to prevent hose deterioration
  • ElectroMagnet does not require a noisy air compressor

IAP Advantages:

  • We are an Industrial Contractor and not a HVAC Contractor
  • We offer Service Contracts
  • We offer the most Superior Product and Installation
  • We are a Certified Nederman Installer

Other Nederman Products for your Fire Station:

  • Industrial Grade Vacuum for Cleaning
  • Hose Reels for Water
  • Hose Reels for Electric
  • Filters for HVAC Systems
  • Ambient Air Cleaners
Fire / Emergency Exhaust
Fire and Emergency Exhaust
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