Fan Energy Control

Fan Energy Control


  • Donaldson Air Flow Controller: Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Systems that determine the motor drive frequency based upon set known points in the system
  • Nederman / Danatherm: Programmable Logic Center (PLC) System combined with a VFD that senses machine startup and then opens air flow gate valves in the ductwork system when air is required and closes these gate valves when air is not required.
  • Black Hawk Energy: Power House System that harnesses lost energy within capacitors to reduce electricity costs

Why Fan Energy Control?

  • Energy Savings by Providing Exhaust on Demand
  • Energy Savings by Storing Lost Energy within Capacitors
  • Add Capacity to Existing Systems without Purchasing a New Air Purification piece of Equipment
  • Reduce Heated and Air Conditioning costs due to less CFM Exhaust
  • Reduce Noise dBA from Fans
  • Extend Filter Life for Filtered Collectors
  • Reduce Negative Pressure in your Building
  • Extend Life Cycle of Equipment (Bearings, Shafts, Motor, Belts, etc.), which can lengthen intervals between scheduled preventive maintenance
  • EPA Emissions Inventory will be Reduced, along with potential Permit Savings

Systems are:

  • UL Listed and cUL Listed
  • Recommended for new or existing equipment
  • Available for ducted or ambient systems
  • Monitor Power Consumption / Analytics
  • Automated which Eliminates the need for Employee Interaction
  • Reduces Filter Cleaning for Self Cleaning Dust Collectors

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