About Us

  • Utility Patents on Several Dust and Fume Air Purification Products
  • Development of Products to service the US Industrial and Plan & Specification Markets through Distribution, www.IAP-AirProducts.com
  • Donaldson Torit Gold Dealer (highest level of dealership within Donaldson, with less than 15 dealers in the country carrying this certification)
  • Nederman Certified Filtration Expert (highest level of dealership within Nederman, with less than 10 dealers in the country carrying this certification)
  • Largest Nederman Dealer by Geographic area in the Country (covering 7 states for fire station diesel exhaust extraction and vehicle exhaust systems)
  • A licensed Pollution Control Contractor within 8 states (TN, KY, GA, AL, AR, MS, NC, and SC)
  • Insurance Held (5 million in General Liability, 1 million in Automobile, 1 million in Worker’s Compensation)
  • Safety certified by several 3rd Party Auditors: PICS, Purchasing Services Company, State of TN Contracting Board
  • Donaldson Torit Gold Dealer, additionally an Authorized Installation and Service Center for Donaldson Torit in the following states: TN, KY, GA, AR, and MS.
  • 0 Employee Recordable Injuries and 0 Lost Time Injuries since Incorporation in 2007
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