Dust Collection

Typical Benefits:

  • Employee Health
  • Avoidance of Respirators and the Administrative Tasks associated with
  • Cleaner Workplace
  • Compliance to OSHA Permisible Exposure Limits (PEL) for Chemicals / Particulates
  • Compliance to EPA Emission Permitting

Typical Installations:

  • Cartridge Collectors (associated mostly with process type dust within manufacturing)
  • Bag Houses and Cyclones (associated mostly with large quantities of dust and medium/large size particles)
  • Backdraft / Downdraft Systems
  • Ambient Air Cleaners
  • Containment Booths
  • Wet Type Dust Collectors for Explosive Materials
  • Compact and Portable Units

Advanced Features to Systems:

  • Energy Control Systems with Variable Frequency Motors
  • Filtered Systems that Return Cleansed Air into the Building
  • Automatic Filter Cleaning
  • Air Locks
  • Fire Retardant Filters
  • HEPA Safety After Filters
Cartridge Collector with Abrasive Inlets for Grinding Dust
Cartridge Collector with Silencer
Dust Extraction Arms for Powders
Cartridge Collector with Cyclone Pre-Separator and Explosion Ductwork Isolation Valves / Vents